There are several benefits for Telecom Operators leveraging a common CPE software. Today’s Operators face challenges in handing multiple CPE as well as in introducing new CPE. Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software addresses both.

The ability to select new CPEs with full flexibility in hardware specifications while still managing a low operational cost and full freedom in sourcing sounds too good, but this is the Operator benefits of selecting Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software.

With a common software strategy, Operators are allowed to tailor the CPE offering to the to their different customer segments requirements. Making a targeted offering to each customer segment instead of today’s one-size-fits-all appraoch results in increased customer satisfaction which is central in reducing churn.

When using one software with common releases Operators also get huge operational benefits in customer support and maintenance. For example in the case a core network change is made such as an upgrade of the Softswitch, a common software gives only one maintenance update, independent of access technology. As for customer support, a common software strategy give synergies in investments such as training and also experiences from learnings of deployed CPEs. All this is reused when introducing new CPEs.

The same look and feel for all gateways also gives a shorter and more professional handling by the helpdesk personal of any given customer call.

When it comes to customization, like branding and Operator special features, working with one software partner makes it easy to create uniqueness in the end user offers. This is done once and reused cross generations of CPE’s. Both for branding and unique features.

The CPE can become the service development platform it always should have been.