CPE brand owners

The CPE market today is highly competitive. To succeed, a feature rich, stable and highly flexible software is a must. A rich set of features is needed to qualify the product, stability and software flexibility is a prerequisite to come out as the winner in the technical qualification.

Vendors that are developing or adapting others software are experiencing how development groups are growing 1:1 with the number of CPE’s they are developing. Today without getting any synergies between these development groups, just another supported software branch with a unique CPE hardware.

With a common software strategy the challenges in go to market as well as the pain of constantly investing in software development with minimal synergies can be addressed.

Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software offer to CPE brand owners is to keep the customer relation in sales yet getting state of the art software easily on all offered CPE’s. This while not requiring constant investments, instead allowing focus to the core business production and logistics.

Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software can be customized to fit brand image needed.

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