Value proposition

In today’s broadband market there are challenges for both the vendors of broadband CPEs and for Operators when creating and managing new end user offerings. Tilgin HGA is designed to answer these challenges. Taking away unnecessary operational cost as well as enabling new features to build offers upon.

HGA benefits both Operators and CPE vendor

The well proven Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software has been developed and in operation for years with great success. During the years the software has continuously been adapted to the growing gateway feature specification as well as the new network requirements. The result is a HGA Software that is very flexible, well-structured software solution that runs on virtually any hardware independent of access technology.

Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software is a full blown, well proven, gateway software for the residential as well as the small business customer segment. It offers all the features and functions needed for the subscribers. In addition it has a number of new compelling and revenue generating features for operators to use in their offer to the subscribers.