The ecosystem around a broadband CPE offer is important. It allows more flexibility in creating service offers as well as it provides quicker time to market. Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software has a long history of interoperability’s.

Since start voice have been included in the offer and the list of soft switches that HGA have demonstrated interoperability with is today long. Today Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software can demonstrate interoperability’s both based on IMS standard SIP and on open SIP usage.

On the network side for xDSL and different access switch and router vendors, network scenarios have constantly been added to the core software. In HGA there are multiple routing scenarios adapted to the IP network vendors as well as xDSL unique interoperability for different DSLAM vendors.

By working in the broadband world Tilgin Solutions have continuously used different chipset to create the best CPEs possible. Today HGA can be used in several different combinations of chipset for routing, voice and Wi-Fi.

The investment in HGA and the different CPEs that have been developed to date have also given Tilgin Solutions relations and processes with equipment manufacturers that benefits future business to come.

With Tilgin Solutions’ Powered by HGA strategy there are today publicly announced partnerships with CPE brand owners. Public release can be read here.

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