Gateway Software

Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software is a complete gateway software solution for the residential as well as the small business customer segment. HGA offers all the features and functions needed by the end users and the necessary tools for the Operators.
It also has a number of compelling and revenue generating features beyond today’s triple play services.

HGA – Home Gateway Application Software

Tilgin Solutions offers HGA as a software product solution, powered by HGA.
This allows operators, or CPE brand owners to take advantage of Tilgin Solutions’ HGA software.
The benefits with using the Tilgin Solutions Software are the extensive feature set and proven interoperability. But also the other things that a single software with the same way of working and look and feel brings.
It can be used for all gateways across access technologies and hardware generations to save a lot of investments that otherwise would be needed in development of both new CPE and operational training.

The Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software has been used for years in Tilgin Solutions’ gateway products with great success. During the years the software has continuously been adapted to the constantly shifting gateway product specification and the various network set ups of Operators.
As a result, today the HGA Software is a flexible, well proven and structured software solution
that runs on virtually any hardware, independent of access technology.

Using HGA allows Operators or CPE brand owners to define their gateways according to their exact need. One model is to source hardware from one manufacturer, and use the Tilgin Solutions HGA Software as the service enabling software solution. Using this way of working, hardware can be sourced from multiple manufacturers, still with the same software running on all devices. Another model is for a CPE brand owner that want to quickly build a portfolio of CPE’s to market and cross them carry the same software. Here HGA brings speed and minimum investments.

To get all of this done, Tilgin Solutions is committed to participate where needed in the whole process, all from the initial evaluation of the Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software to needed software support set up. Tilgin Solutions does not only do the actual porting of the software to the customer defined hardware, but can also take part in the definition of the hardware and assist with software for hardware verification and production test related items.

HGA Software can be fully evaluated today. The range of gateways HGA runs on today covers both different access technologies and different interfaces.