Value proposition

tGem´s value proposition

tGem´s value proposition

tGem is an essential component of many operators’ strategy as it brings reduced operational cost, boost in revenues and customer satisfaction to operators.

Reducing cost

Keeping the operational cost down with a highly diversified service portfolio involving hundreds of thousands of devices requires a solid and fully featured management platform.
tGem offers a unified platform for any and all TR-069 or SNMP compliant devices. These could be low-end Terminal Adapters, high-end Home Gateways, Set-Top-Boxes, Network Attached Storage, Femtocell devices, or even CE devices like USB storage.

Operators can reduce the number of truck-rolls to replace units thanks to the full remote control offered by tGem on the software and configurations that are deployed on the gateways. tGem also eliminates the truck-rolls previously needed to deploy units thanks to the integrated auto-provisioning features and the Intelligent Mass Management concept.

Efficiency in initial provisioning along with the subscriber care features included in tGem will also help operators reduce the number and length of support calls, and all associated costs.

tGem accomplishes all that while offering operators a lean pricing based on a pay-as-you-grow licensing model.

Boosting revenue

Automated provisioning is a key enabler of business growth for operators. tGem seamlessly integrates with your BSS/OSS, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or service activation system and enables full automation of an operator’s delivery process. tGem provides an easy and fool-proof way to deploy large numbers of subscribers every month.

tGem Intelligent Mass Management concept, supported by a user-friendly GUI, delivers complex services for a multitude of devices in the most efficient way possible. Of course, service upgrades of existing customers are easily supported by tGem, which enables operators to quickly deploy new generations of services.

Increase customer satisfaction

Satisfied subscribers are profitable subscribers. tGem offers powerful tools for operators to act proactively and attain higher levels of customer satisfaction.

When operators monitor their deployment with tGem Dashboard and Alarms, taking proactive measures becomes remarkably simple. And since operators are not always looking at their ACS, tGem comes equipped with fault management module which allows reporting of abnormal events resulting in the immediate generation of alarms in tGem and the notification to the system administrator via several communication methods.

With the Troubleshooting features of tGem, helpdesk staff can quickly and easily remedy situations. tGem is the absolute toolbox to ensure subscriber satisfaction.