Subscriber centric

We, at Tilgin Solutions, know that what ultimately matters is that your business flourishes, which usually starts with a healthy, happy subscriber base. Today, most Auto Configuration Server (ACS) in the market are placing devices, serial numbers, and other technological or logistical considerations in the foreground, when what really matters for your business to succeed is a growing customer base, with a low churn and a high service take rate.

Subsriber centric

tGem´s subcriber centric approach

tGem’s approach today and vision forward is to focus on subscribers rather than devices. Today, it translates into a hefty toolset of proactive and reactive subscriber care features (troubleshooting, alarms, monitoring, etc.). These features help you reduce both the number and the duration of subscriber calls.

Tomorrow, tGem will go further. In the coming year, tGem will bring new, exciting features to bring subscribers in the spotlight: Subscriber Handling and Home Network Troubleshooting.

Subscriber Handling

tGem and other ACS have no vocation to replace a CRM system within sizable operators of course, but there are innovative ways in which to bring the concept of subscriber into an ACS and manipulate that concept to the operator’s advantage:

  • Consolidate Monitoring, Alarms, and Configurations
  • Ease RMA and device generation-change replacements
  • Devices are just one attribute of a subscriber
  • Handle subscriber local preferences
  • Get the right focus internally