Core Features

tGem´s core features

Deep Monitoring (TR-157 Fault management)

Practically today, the service providers can only see status of the CPE services, firmware version and any other KPI values through proactive and reactive monitoring sessions. But inside the CPE, at the core of the software level, service provider is practically blind. That applies to abnormal events that occur on different software and hardware components error conditions. Using tGem’s advanced Monitoring capabilities, these events can be logged during normal ACS operation and alarms can be raised when critical events occurs. The feature also allows configuration and reporting of events resulting in the immediate generation of alarms in tGem and the notification to the system administrator via several communication methods.
By enabling awareness of such events in the ACS, the operator can, for example, proactively resolve following issues:
• Subscriber’s Wi-Fi device poor bandwidth, disconnection and reception
• Service connection random disturbances and lagging, especially in Voice and IPTV
• Subscriber’s own equipment interoperability issues i.e. Smart Home and Wi-Fi
• System events such as application crashes, abnormal reboots, SW updates failures etc.
• Hacking attempts on the operator’s and/or subscriber device.

Service automation

Service provisioning with tGem is fully plug & play today. The new automation tool implemented in tGem is based on an intuitive graphical user interface that does not require any scripting competence for the exploration of its full capabilities and functions. This allows service provider’s staff to automate the provisioning and support related tasks in an easier and more flexible way.
tGem accommodates all business models and network scenarios. Service provisioning is comprised of not only configuration updates but also software upgrades. Likewise, smooth handling of replacement devices is big part of tGem’s service provisioning feature.

Complete TR-069 support

tGem fully embraces the TR-069 standard and the associated Technical Reports. tGem also takes away the complexity of handling datamodels by only displaying relevant parameters, with the possibility to apply display names to allow an easy configuration even by non-technical personnel. With a powerful autocomplete feature based on standard datamodels and customized ones, tGem supports network engineers designing new configurations. tGem can of course support any parameter, including vendor-specific parameters and new parameters without the need to change any file or pass through extensive recertification processes.

Management made easy

As the most mature ACS in the market, we have come a long way helping operators to manage devices in the most efficient way. But efficiency involves both powerful capabilities and simplicity of use. tGem contains the lessons learned during more than 15 years of experience to provide the most flexible and powerful set of features offered through an elegant and intuitive GUI. Its accessible and compact design brings closer all possibilities to the user instead of hide them behind complex and programmatic sub-systems

Live statistical data

With tGem Dashboard, any critical operational processes, such as massive software upgrades or configuration changes, can be monitored and followed closely. Any CPE exhibiting an abnormal behavior can be easily detected.

A convenient set of KPI are available in tGem Dashboard as live graphs to show the status of the system. These graphs include historical data so that you can review the system performance over time.  This is accomplished by taking samples from these metrics automatically, which are then archived periodically. tGem Dashboard can also be customized with your KPI over the population based on customized searches.

All the data displayed in tGem Dashboard can be used as basis to generate reports exportable to PDF format using one of tGem’s predefined templates or your own!

In addition to the server statistics shown as graphs, CPE performance statistics can be collected. This data can provide the measurement of service quality, network behavior, and CPE delivery and usage.  tGem actually allows the periodical collection of any type of data from the CPE. By analyzing the data collected, you can deliver quality and plan for the growth of your business.

Intelligent mass management

With the Intelligent Mass Management feature, operators dispose of the right tools for their operations: from taking care of a single device to managing complex services deployed on millions of devices. With its tagging and labeling system, it is very easy to use tGem to apply maintenance changes on batches of the population – by regions or cities for instance. This allows operators to upgrade their networks in a controlled way, but also allows to quickly resolve wide-spread issues without waiting for each customer to call the helpdesk. The very flexible tags also make it easy to add new services or phase out old ones, as well as facilitate service upsell for existing customers.

Designed with Redundancy in Mind

The tGem High-Availability (HA) solution provides cost-effective fail-over protection and guarantees operational continuity by eliminating any single point of failure for your ever-growing TR-069 device population. Millions of devices can be reliably managed, while guaranteeing service availability and eliminating costly downtime interruptions.

The overall HA architecture is highly flexible. It can be configured as a dual-node setup with active/passive nodes with a geographically redundant setup. Also, you can customize deep down its behavior to follow any specific demands of your network or fulfill any notification needs.