Flexible Premises

When building next generation broadband to the home, Operators face the challenge of the customer premises.

Tilgin Flexible Premises Solution is created to optimize lifetime and establish best Wi-Fi.

The solution supports separation of Optical components and service components so, at the point of time for installation of FTTH, the best place for terminating the fiber as well as the optimal place for Wi-Fi coverage can be chosen individually. As Wi-Fi use is becoming the No1 home network technology, optimal Wi-Fi placement at home is critical.

With a modular approach to deep fiber access, any offer can be created without an explosion of CPE models. Tilgin flexible premises together with Tilgin common CPE software ensures Operators the most cost effective solution.

Flexible premises portfolio

Learn more about Tilgin’s Flexible Premises Solution, watch our videos:

Get a quick introduction, learn more about the Fiber termination discover the flexibility of the  Gateway placement, explore the Extended Wi-Fi possibilities and and see how the Tilgin’s ACS, tGem, allows you to manage the complete Flexible Premises Solution.

FTTH means new optical CPE- components that could be in service 15- 20 years but at the same time the broadband services and the CPE dependent components still changes every 3- 5 years.

If Operators use all-in-one-hardware CPE’s they will waste the investment in optical components at least 10 years before end of lifetime. The lifetime of different FTTH components is illustrated below, with a span is from 3 to 15 years

flexible premises illustration [1]