TR-069 compliance

TR069 compliance illustration [3]

Tilgin Solutions has been a member of BroadBand Forum for a number of years and contributed to the existing standards. Tilgin Solutions is fully committed to using TR-069 to its fullest extent to provide best in class managed solution for telecom operators, no matter the manufacturers of their devices. tGem has been verified to follow the following BBF standard Technical Reports:

  • TR-069 Amendments 1 & 2
  • TR-098 Amendment 2
  • TR-104
  • TR-106 Amendment 1
  • TR-111
  • TR-135 & TR-135 Amendment 1
  • TR-140 Issue 1.1 & Amendment 1
  • TR-142 Issue 2
  • TR-143
  • TR-157
  • TR-181 Issue 2
  • TR-196
  • TR-262

Check this list regularly as it is continuously updated with the newly released TR from Broadband forun.


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